Seven Ways WWE Is Manipulating Fans Into Giving Up On Finn Balor


Finn Balor is not the main eventer you are looking for.

At least that’s the way WWE wants fans to think and while there are still a few holdouts that believe Balor is a main event worthy star, the company is making it almost impossible to root for him now. In fact, between the completely ass backwards booking they have been doing with Balor and his inability to win when it counts its harder and harder to defend him everyday.

While the reason why WWE is doing this remains unclear, some believe it is due having heat backstage and others think its just a way to make Roman Reigns look better in comparison. Either way, its bad news for Finn Balor and his fans and is only going to hurt him worse and worse as time goes on.

With that being said and Balor continuing to be very low in WWE’s pecking order, here are seven ways they are trying to manipulate fans into giving up on Finn Balor. Some ways will be obvious, especially the first couple, and others will be more subtle, but these are real things that WWE could be doing to damage Balor in the eyes of the fans.

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