Roman Reigns To Retire Popular WWE Veteran At WrestleMania 34


Roman Reigns shocked The WWE Universe last April when he laid out The Undertaker with a timely spear and seemingly ended his career. The fact that it all took place at WrestleMania, which is a pay per view that the Undertaker had remained undefeated at for 23 years before falling victim to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30, made the victory all the more meaningful.

With that being said and the the events that have happeend since then, it seems like Reigns victory at WrestleMania still hasn’t gotten the crowd behind him in any way and has actually made fans opinion of him much worse then before. This has lead to WWE re branding the reigns character many times over the last couple of months, but one has to wonder how successful that will be, especially with everything they’ve tried.

Unfortunately for The WWE Universe, things are apparently only going to get worse as it is being rumored that Roman Reigns will be taking on John Cena at next years WrestleMania in New Orleans and it could be title versus career. That means that if Roman Reigns is somehow able to defeat The Cenation leader, he will have retired one of the most successful superstars of the last decade.

Whether it actually happens or not will be contingent on if the move could establish Reigns as The WWE’s go to go and if it serves as a better passing of the torch moment then reaction to last year’s WrestleMania main event. Interesting enough, John Cena has expressed in interviews that he knows his days in The WWE are numbered and putting over Reigns could be his final act for the company before riding off into the sunset.

What are your thoughts? Would something like this work? Could WWE pull off the move of the century and finally get fans behind Roman Reigns? Or will they get behind John Cena by defualt. In the end, The WWE Universe will have to make a choice and it looks like that choice is between the face that runs the place and the rising Roman Empire.




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