Reason Why Kurt Busch Almost Didn’t Return To Stewart Haas Racing In 2018 Revealed


Kurt Busch signed a one year deal with Stewart Haas Racing during the off season to return to the #41 car for the 2018 and while both sides are said to be happy with the deal, there was apparently one hang up that almost prevented the entire deal from happening. While some would think that hang up would be the money, or a certain crew member on his team, it actually all centered around Kurt Busch’s winning Daytona 500 car.

“That was one my No. 1 objective,” Busch told Yahoo Sports,“They’re like, ‘No we’re going to keep it.’ Well, can I have visitation rights with it? Literally, that was a sticking point for a while, but we worked it all out.”The team is the one that has the rights to the car,” Busch said. “It will be pushed into the front lobby area of Stewart-Haas and go right along with (Kevin) Harvick and (Tony) Stewart’s championship cars. It is special to have a car like that. We will see. Hopefully we will push another one in there next Monday.”

Interestingly enough, this is what kept Busch and Stewart Haas Racing at the negotiating table for so long and honestly seems pretty ridiculous when you consider how many drivers \ were forced into retirement in favor of younger stars. With that being said, its nice to know that SHR and Busch were able to hammer out a one year deal, but for it take so long over something so trivial seems insane to even consider.

Again, there were actual talented drivers like Kasey Kahne, Matt Kenseth and Danica Patrick that got forced out of their rides in favor of young stars and Busch was willing to leave SHR over a Daytona 500 car? Not only does that seem immensely ungrateful given NASCAR’s current state of the sport, it also makes you wonder where his head was really at during those negotiations.

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