Reason Why Big Cass Was Released By WWE Revealed

WWE came to terms on the release of Big Cass Tuesday afternoon and while fans might think the move was a long time coming, some are reporting that it was a backstage incident after The Money in The Bank pay per view that sealed his fate. The news comes only two months after Cass returned from a leg injury and was supposed to receive a big push on Smackdown Live.

Unfortunately for Cass, the big push never happened and he ended up losing to Daniel Bryan on two straight pay per views before being given the boot by WWE. Of course some believe that his loses had to do with Cass doing a unrehearsed bump on another superstar, but its not known if that incident factored into his fired.

According to, Big Cass was apparently upset over something during the Money In The Bank pay per view and pissed someone off backstage as a result. With that being said, Cass could have been upset by WWE’s decision to have Bryan win their match at Money in The Bank, but there are no definite answers on whether that was the case or not.

In the end, Cass had lost a lot of moment after suffering an injury early last year and while some thought he was primed for a comeback on the blue brand, he began to put himself in bad situations and draw the ire of management. This time however, the ire of management was enough to get him fired and not even Vince McMahon defended him!


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