Reason Why Baron Corbin Lost The United States Title To Dolph Ziggler Revealed


What was WWE thinking here?

Baron Corbin has barley enjoyed a two months as United States Champion and already WWE choose to take the tile off of him and put it on Dolph Ziggler instead. Of course they did this in the most amazing way possible by having Dolph Ziggler reverse EOD into a devastating famasser, but one has to wonder exactly what the reason was for having The Lone wolf lose his title and take the pin in the process.

With that being said, the answer to that question becomes simple when you consider how unimpressive Corbin has been as Champion so far and how much the audience was behind challenger, Bobby Rhoode throughout the match on Sunday Night. In the end, it looks like the title change was a way to write Corbin out of the title picture completely, especially since he took the pin and set up a feud between Ziggler and Rhoode in the process.

This would make sense after seeing fans chant We want Bobby throughout almost the entire match and absolutely losing their mind when Rhoode was almost able to snatch the victory away with a Glorious DDT and it also allows for Ziggler to continue his role as Gatekeeper to NXT talent. Where that leaves Corbin though is anyone guess, but with the way he lost the title on Sunday, fans can probably expect him to be dropped from the picture pretty quick.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to tell us what you thought of the match between Rhoode, Ziggler and Corbin!

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