Real Reason Why Michael McDowell Didn’t Push Joey Logano Revealed

Sunday’s Daytona 500 started The Monster Energy Cup Series season off with a plethora of storyliens, but none were as interesting as the dispute between Joey Logano and Michael McDowell. In fact, it is arguably the first official feud of the 2019 NASCAR season, which is an early start for this kind of thing.

WIth that being said Joey Logano took issue with Michael McDowell not pushing him at the end of the race, which Logano believes McDowell should have done due to brand loyalty. McDowell didn’t see it that way and told reporters after the race that he doesn’t get paid to push Joey Logano.

Interestingly enough, he also told reporters the real reason why he didn’t push Logano during the closing laps of Sunday’s Daytona 500, which are quite interesting and paint Joey Logano in a very hypocritical light. Beyond that, it pretty much completely justifies his actions.

Those guys don’t work with Front Row Motorsports at all,” McDowell told reporters . “They don’t help us at all. They want us to be there to support them when they need it, but they don’t let us in on when they’re going to pit, they don’t share strategy, they don’t tell us what’s going on. And so my frustration with Joey is, `Don’t come to me talking about brand loyalty when you guys don’t do nothing to help us. And you want me to help you when you don’t do anything for us?”

Unfortunately for defending Cup Series champion, McDowell does have a very interesting point here. If Logano was indeed concerned about brand loyalty and doing what is better for the team of Ford as a whole, why wasn’t he sharing information with Mcdowell?

“I don’t have many chances to win races,” McDowell said. “I have maybe four or five shots a year to try to win a race. These other guys, they have 35 more chances. I needed to take my chance to win a race.”

In the end, Joey Logano came home fourth in The Daytona 500 and McDowell came home fifth.. As for whether the feud continues or not in the coming weeks, one can probably expect the two not to cut each other any breaks anytime soon, which should be interesting to watch play out.

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