Kyle Busch, Kyle Busch Brad Keseowski

Real Reason Kyle Busch Didn’t Do A Postrace Interview Revealed

Kyle Busch, Kyle Busch Brad Keseowski


Kyle Busch wasn’t heard from after Sunday’s race at Auto Club Speedway and while some fans are probably glad about that, it turns out that the incident wasn’t Kyle Busch’s fault at all! With that being said and a top-five finish requiring a post race interview, Busch gave his side of the story on his twitter and had this to say to his fans about the incident.

“Another race-another moment in needing to defend non postrace interview. Busch tweeted after the race, “NASCAR parked me at the end of pit road for loose lugs. I then walked pit road the distance back to the turn into the garage and only MRN asked. TV was elsewhere. They had a shot, skipped it.”

While Busch probably won’t be fined for missing a post race interview, especially since no one from Fox Sport actually stopped to interview him, he might have to pay a hefty fine for having loose lug nuts on his tires. That, along with the fact that he came up short against his rival, Martin Truex Jr is probably going to drive him crazy.

Interestingly enough, Busch also wasn’t invited to The NASCAR media center for post race interviews, which is usually the top three drivers of the race. It should be noted that they have the option of choosing someone who played a major role in the outcome of the race, but they ended up giving that to Brad Keselowski instead.

“I’m not really sure why I’m here,” Keselowski said after he sat down in the media center for post race interviews,. “I finished fourth.”

According to Busch via his twitter account, ” There was even a NASCAR person who walked w my PR person and myself and we asked if we needed to go to media center and we were told “all clear”.

, maybe NASCAR just thought he would be in a bad mood after coming up short in the fifth race of the season or just thought Keselowski was the bigger story of the day for some reason. In the end though, it really doesn’t matter, especially since Busch can’t be punished for refusing an interview that was never offered and now he can move on to being penalized for the lug nut issue.

Believe it or not!, Busch didn’t do anything wrong this time!


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