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Ranking The 2018 Cup Series Final Four From Worst To Best

#1 Kyle Busch

If anyone can do it, the candy man can!

Not only is that evident by the amount of laps he has led over the course of his career at Homeastead Miami, but also by the sheer amount of momentum that Busch has heading into this championship race.  Beyond that, he seemingly has the better manufacturer in Toyota, which is sure to give him an advantage over The Ford’s of the championship field and maybe even lead to him outright dominating the race on the way to his second career championship.

As if that wasn’t enough to sell you on Kyle Busch as the winner of The Cup Series champion, he is also the best on restarts of the championship field and is one of the most aggresive. Of course Joey Logano is probably a little bit more aggressive than Busch is, but Logano has too many targets on his back to really be a factor in Sunday’s championship race. In the end, expect Kyle Busch to win the second championship of his career next Sunday at Homestead and maybe even spank the entire field while doing it.!




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