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Ranking The 2018 Cup Series Final Four From Worst To Best

#2 Kevin Harvick

He might be freaky fast and he might have had  a great 2018 season, but Kevin Harvick just seems to have too many obstacles in his way to become Cup Series champion once again. In fact, between his spoiler scandal at Texas, his problems with pit road penalties and lack of meaningful momentum, its pretty hard to imagine Harvick being able to win the champion. Beyond that, as dominant as Ford has been this season, especially early on, it doesn’t feel like the manufacturer has the same momentum it once did.

With that being said, Harvick still does have the best record of all championship eligible drivers and that is going to be difficult for any of the other three drivers to overcome. Interestingly enough however, Harvick’s statistical advantage over the rest of the field becomes neutralized when you account for all the mistakes his team has made lately. If you also add in the fact that NASCAR is probably watching his team extra closely, its likely they’re not going to be able to sneak a advantage past the inspection line.

Again, Harvick has the best record at Miami, but not the best of luck as of late, which throws into serious question whether he can run the flawless race he needs in order to be champion. 

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