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Ranking The 2018 Cup Series Final Four From Worst To Best

#3 Joey Logano

Let’s be honest here

Joey Logano has way to many targets on his back to even get anywhere near The Cup Series championship at Homestead Miami. Beyond that, Harvick has a slightly better record than Logano at Homestead Miami, which means that Logano will likely be at a disadvantage to Harvick¬† Of course this ranking doesn’t mean Logano won’t be competitive, but when the final moments of the race unfold, its impossible to see him being able to clinch a championship with the situation he has put himself in.

Unfortunately¬† for Logano, he also was eliminated early from Sunday’s race at Phoenix International Raceway, which means he won’t have the best of momentum or even be in the best of spirits when he reaches Miami. In the end, Logano is going to have to dig deep to be competitive in the final race and while he will most likely do so, his ability to be a closer like that of Harvick, Busch and even Truex Jr, leaves serious doubt that he can overcome all three for at title.

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