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Pros and Cons Of WWE Forming The Balor Club On Monday Night Raw

Conclusion: This might not end well.

While WWE could have The Club help Finn Balor win his first Royal Rumble and catapult him into The Universal title picture, it seems more likely that this is just being used to pacify wrestling fans while Reigns takes on Lesnar for The Universal title at WrestleMania 34. With that being said, WWE did finally hear the fans out and gave Balor something to do on Monday Night Raw, but its still questionable on if that something will lead to soemthing better.

In the end, WWE needs to watch what they do with one of the most popular factions in wrestling today or risk souring fans on the idea of Balor in WWE altogether. Then again, try not to be too hard on WWE for this decision, especially since it is essentially giving fans exactly what they want, just be weary that this might be nothing more then a placeholder for Balor.







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