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Pros and Cons Of WWE Forming The Balor Club On Monday Night Raw

Con: Might just be a way to satisfy fans.

Don’t get too terrified, but what if reuniting the team was just a way to distract fans with a nostalgia act while they set up Lesnar versus Roman Reigns at WrestleMania? OK, maybe Balor can still have a good WrestleMania moment if The Club is put against The New Day or something of that nature, but if it doesn’t result in Balor finally getting his WrestleMania moment and set up a feud for him in The Universal title picture, its just going to piss fans off.

With that being said, opponents like The Miztourage, The Wyatt Family, or The Shield are the only three possible options here and while WWE could always reform The Shield or The Wyatt family to make that happen, The Miztourage would be a total waste of time. Not only that, it would be an insult to everything that Balor has already done in NXT and WWE.

Then again, maybe WWE could bring up a trio of NXT guys like they did with Absolution or The Riott Squad and have that be the WrestleMania match, but that would probably result in The NXT  superstars getting the rub and not Balor and The Club.

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