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Pros and Cons Of WWE Forming The Balor Club On Monday Night Raw

Pro:  The Savoir of the tag team division.

Some might not agree with this, but The Monday Night Raw tag team title scene hasn’t been that interesting in a while. In fact, The Bar and The Shield have been fighting on and off since Summerslam and while Jordan did team up with Rollins the second time to win the titles, the company has done little else to find another contender for the titles.

With that being said, maybe The Balor club having a run with the tag team titles would help rejuvenate the tag division a little bit while also giving Balor the chance to compete under The Freebird rule. In the end, WWE needs a shakeup in the tag team division before things continue to go sour   and the addition of The Balor club does that in spades, especially if Balor’s involved.

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