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Pros and Cons Of WWE Forming The Balor Club On Monday Night Raw

Con: Heel turn likely.

While The Balor Club turning heel would instantly give them credibility as a top tier team and maybe even allow Balor to finally enter that Universal Title feud with Brock Lesnar, it also could come at the expense of his blockbuster fan base. Sure, its probably not on the same level as guys like Reigns, Cena, Styles and Rollins, but he’s coming really close in only a short period of time.

Why would WWE waste all that potential by turning them heel and getting fans to root against them? Ok sure, they would be anti establishment heels and could probably be on the same level as The Shield if done right, but there are still going to be fans that don’t want that. The question WWE ultimately needs to answer here is whether or not a heel turn would hurt Balor in the long run.

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