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Pros and Cons Of WWE Forming The Balor Club On Monday Night Raw

Pro: More storyline options.

Its no secret that Balor, Gallows and Anderson have been floating around the midcard for the last couple of months and while some might see this as a gross exaggeration, The Balor club forming on Raw in the first week of January may have saved all three of their careers. Not only that, it gives the trio more possibilities then ever in the main event scene, the tag team title scene and maybe even beyond!

With that being said, fans can probably expect to see The Balor Club competing for many of the company’s topĀ  titles on the main roster and might even result in Balor getting a second chance at THE Universal title. WWE could even use the team to put over a young pack of NXT guys that would really benefit from the getting the rub from one of the most popular factions in wrestling history.

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