Pros and Cons of NASCAR Using Restrictor Plates At More Tracks


Restrictor plates.

Just the word alone is enough to create an unmatched level of excitement in NASCAR fans and drivers alike. In fact, it is one of the most exciting types of racing that the sport of NASCAR has going for it right now, which is probably why officials decided to implement the rules package during the 2018 All Star race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

With that being said and the mixed bag of events that fans were treated to at this year’s edition of The All Star race, officials now must answer the question of whether or not they want to implement this at other tracks on The NASCAR circuit in order to create a more appealing product for fans and advertisers.

While the idea definitely has its strong points and could be a huge turning point for the sport attendance wise and viewership wise if done right, it also comes with drawbacks that could move the sport a couple steps back as well. What they ultimately decide to do is up to them, but here are the pros and cons of a crucial decison like this and how it affect the sport in the long run.


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