Pro’s and Cons Of NASCAR Trying To Become More Family Friendly

Con: Alienating more fans.

If there is one thing NASCAR needs to do right now to survive, its to not alienate its fans anymore. Of course some NASCAR fans are fickle and will leave for the most ridiculous of reasons like a bad call or rule change, but there is no doubt that becoming family friendly would be the straw that broke the camels back. It could even the dumbest decision NASCAR has made in the last five years alone.

Lets be honest here. NASCAR fans don;t want this! Maybe some do and they probably deserve to enjoy the sport too, but it affects things that make the sport special. Why would NASCAR have to sacrifice its identity here as a southern style rebel sport in order to bring in more fans. One would hope that NASCAR would have more respect for itself then that, but with the things they have been doing in the past couple of years, its hard to think that.

In the end, if NASCAR wants to see a mass exodus of fans that will never come back to the sport again, then they should definitely consider becoming more family friendly!

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