Pro’s and Cons Of NASCAR Trying To Become More Family Friendly

Pro: More mainstream appeal.

This is a hard thing to say, but i think everyone can realize that NASCAR would have a lot more mainstream appeal if they would just be a little more progressive. That’s not to say that NASCAR has to go all out and endear themselves to The Democratic party or decry Donald Trump, but they do need to understand that some parts of their culture’s are frowned upon for various reasons.

Wit that being said, it would be probably be a good idea if NASCAR continued to deny more mature sponsors, stayed neutral on politics and actually banned The Rebel Flag. In the end, at least doing those things wouldn’t scare other people off from giving the sport a chance. Like it or not, political linage is a very prominent thing for an public entity and by playing the game of becoming more family friendly, NASCAR is opening itself to more possibilities.

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