Pro’s and Cons Of NASCAR Trying To Become More Family Friendly


Should NASCAR be a family friendly sport?

While most people probably would have scoffed at the thought of NASCAR becoming family friendly ten years ago, it, it is now becoming a more and more difficult question to answer. In fact, it is a discussion that is becoming more and more prevalent after Formula One decided to ditch Grid Girls in an effort to appear more progressive to the main stream media.

Unfortunately for NASCAR, it now faces the beast that is family friendly in the eyes and decided between mainstream appeal and the fans that are still dedicated to the sport. Yeah, that probably not a lot of people on the latter side, especially after a multitude of retirements, constant rule changes and a playoff system that turned tons of fans off the sport completely  , but does NASCAR really have to sell them out to appease others?

Maybe that sounds a little over dramatic, but longtime fans understand that NASCAR was never really a family friendly thing. With that being said, some fans brought their kids to races and watched it with them on television and others didn’t. Neither was the wrong decision, but it was at least understood back then that NASCAR was the rebel sport of the mainstream media.

Not only is that proven by the sports controversial origin of being a bunch of moonshiners trying to outrun old smokey , but also by the fag that The Rebel flag is still proudly displayed in the infield on a weekly basis. Keep in mind that im not trying to imply that the flags presence is a good or bad thing, i just believe that most people would understand that it has never exactly had a family friendly component to it.

And that’s what kind of makes the sport special in a way. Its the heated words between rival drivers before and after the race. Its the battle cry of Boogity boogity boogity before every race, and the various other less than PG things that happen on a weekly basis in the sport. With that in mind, all that seems to be what NASCAR is now trying to do away with.

Whether that is a good or bad thing is ultimately up to you, but here are the pros and cons of NASCAR becoming more family friendly.

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