Pros and Cons Of NASCAR Going Back To The Old Playoff Format

Con: Lack of excitement.

The biggest problem with the ten race shootout to determine the championship is that it essentially lacked any form of excitement. Sure, NASCAR tried to inject a little bit of excitement by resetting the field after 26 races, but even that resulted in run away title victories and some of the most uninteresting conclusions to a season that fans have ever seen.

With that being said, the four round, ten race playoff system that eliminates drivers every three races is something that keeps fans attention and gives every race a high stakes feel to it. Not only that, it prevents run away title victories with its final four shootout at Homestead. Maybe the new format is a little much for the older fan base who grew up watching 36 races play out in one straight shot, but it definitely spices up the sport a bit in ways the old format couldn’t.

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