Pros and Cons Of Kyle Busch Taunting Fans After Winning At Chicagoland

Con: bad sportsmanship.

Its no secret that good sportsmanship is an important part of any sport and that’s why what Busch did after winning at Chicagoland is so polarizing right now. While some might feel the taunt was deserving, especially since there is a group of people that will always hate Kyle Busch for one reason or another, others feel it was disrespectful to fans.

Whether it actually was or not is open to interpretation and probably based of of how you feel about the guy, you got to admit that what Busch did was not very sportsmanlike. Of course Busch fixed that after the race by sharing a handshake with Larson in the garage, but his actions before that were certainly a little uncalled for and so were his statements.

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