Pros and Cons Of Kyle Busch Taunting Fans After Winning At Chicagoland

Pro: builds towards something

NASCAR had a lot of high points during Sunday’s race at Chicagoland, but the biggest one of them all was what Kyle Busch did after the race. Not only is that evident by the way that Busch’s actions created conversations among fans, but also by just how spirited and absolutely refreshing those conversations were.

With that being said and the events unfolding like they did, NASCAR now has momentum in their back pocket for later. Of course it could be awhile before the sport gets any kind of meaningful payoff from this, but the long term investment will eventually allow a driver to stand up to Busch and for the fans.

When that happens, and if it is truly an organic ground movement , a young driver might finally be able to unset the veteran. In the end, the crowd would erupt in the same way that they did at Daytona after Austin Dillon won The Daytona 500 and a new star would finally be able to establish himself as the next big thing!

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