Pros and Cons Of Kyle Busch Taunting Fans After Winning At Chicagoland

Con: Angered fans

While Kyle Busch’s taunt did help rally fans around Busch as a battle cry of domination, but it also may have angered a lot of fans as well. Of course you can’t penalize or fine a driver for hurt feelings, but its interesting that NASCAR is letting Busch be so divisive. In fact, shouldn’t they be worried that this will turn a lot of people off from the sport?

Think about it. Who wants to watch Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick be the only two legitimate threats to the title all season long. While that doesn’t guarantee that either one of them will actually win the championship, especially since Homestead Miami is a winner take all race,  it does make the regular season meaningless since the rest of the field seems to not be able to catch up with Harvick and Busch.

In the end, maybe what happened at Chicagoland will have the opposite effect and serve to get fans fired up and interested in the sport again, but that’s going to be up to the fans to decide.

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