Pros and Cons Of Kyle Busch Taunting Fans After Winning At Chicagoland

Pro: Creates a villain.

NASCAR has needed a villain ever since the beginning of the season and while Kyle Busch was slowly building up to that role, it wasn’t until the race at Chicagoland that fully transitioned into it. In fact, by literally taunting fans after winning a race in a less then clean finish, it  divided NASCAR fans into two groups. People who love Kyle Busch and those that hate him.

With that being said, this is great for NASCAR right now and opens the door to a lot of interesting possibilities. Not only does it create a lot more conversation around the sport, which helps retain long time fan interest, it also allows for the incident to come into mainstream consciousness and maybe create a ground well of new fans.

Whether that works or not remains to be seen and will be dependent on where things go from here, but to see Busch be so vocal in a season that has been described as lackluster at best is a great step forward. Let’s see a few more!

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