Pros and Cons Of Brian France Being at The Race Track Every Weekend



Should Brian France be at the track every weekend?

While NASCAR and its fans should probably be talking about the upcoming season, changes that need to be made to the on track product, or enticing fans with potential feuds that could play out this year,  everyone seems to be caught up on whether Brian France should be at the track every weekend or not after Brad Keselowski mentioned it this week during media day.

With that being said and the concept now out in the open for everyone to dissect and discuss, here are the pros and cons of Brian France being at the race track every weekend for the festivities. Of course some fans are probably going to see only one side of this, especially with how out of touch France already is with the sport of NASCAR, but they will hopefully realize that the problem is a little bit deeper then that.

As always please leave your comments below and let us know if you think France should be at the race track or not.

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