Pros and Cons of Allowing NASCAR Fans To Point Out Possible Penalties


There are pros and cons in anything decision the sport is going to make , but why not make one to empower the fans that feel so powerless right now. Think about it! Fans of yesteryear are feeling more and more alienated with all the changes that they has made over the past decade.

From the dreaded playoff system that the older fans probably wish would be gone by now, to¬† the overtime rules NASCAR has become a completely different entity then it was before. Unfortunately for NASCAR, they have also become something that older fans can’t seem to respect anymore.

Whether that is due to too many bad decisions or just not having the kind of personalities that the sport needs anymore, NASCAR fans are still leaving in droves and they need something to convince them not to take that final step out the door. In the end, allowing them to have a voice like never before could be that something!

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