Pros and Cons of Allowing NASCAR Fans To Point Out Possible Penalties

Con: Chance for bias

There is always a chance for bias in any sport and NASCAR is no exception to that rule at all. What makes this less of an issue though is the fact that everyone from popular drivers to less popular drivers have fallen victim to NASCAR fans discovering something weird about a drivers car and posting it for the world to see.

In fact, Chase Elliott, who is very well liked by  fans, was even caught for an illegal adjustment a crew member made to his car after a race last season. Elliott was later penalized for the incident, which is a pretty good sign that no one will be immune to the watchful eye of NASCAR fans when it comes to things like this.

Of course bias could still be an issue and while it might not result in a penalty, it could be a waste of time for NASCAR officials in the meantime. Maybe NASCAR will be able to monitor which leads they spend their time on and which ones not to, but they haven’t really been good at managing things in the past.

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