Pros and Cons of Allowing NASCAR Fans To Point Out Possible Penalties

Is this a move NASCAR should make?
Lesley-Ann Miller / LAT
2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup
Round 27 – Chicago, Illinois, USA
13 September 2013
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The NASCAR world has been in an uproar this week after fans captured screen shots of Kevin Harvick’s back window having a peculiar dent in it and while the sport ultimately did step in and hit Harvick  with a penalty, one has to wonder if they should continue to listen to fans when it comes to problems like this.

Of course  fans probably aren’t the only one’s responsible for pointing this out to officials especially since several drivers could be heard on the radio scanner discussing Harvick’s indented back window, but that still doesn’t mean that the fans didn’t play a role in Harvick being docked points and his car chief being suspended.

With that  being said, here are the pros and cons of officials listening to the fans regarding these kind of incidents and how it will affect the sport as a whole going forward. As always, please leave your thoughts in the comments below and tell us if you like the idea of fans being able to point these kind of things out to NASCAR.

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