Popular WWE Superstar’s Return Date Revealed!

Samoa Joe injured his right foot during a match against Rhyno in January, which caused many to believe that he would be in danger of missing WrestleMania 34. Fortunately for fans of The Samoan Submission Machine, a new report claims that he will be back in the squared circle by mid March.

Joe’s foot injury in January marked the second time in a 12 month period that Samoa Joe was sidelined with an injury and some are wondering if this will hurt his standings with backstage officials due to being so injury prone. What makes this situation even worse is the fact that Joe was in the middle of two huge pushes when each injury occurred.

The first one was a knee injury, which occurred right in the middle of his championship feud with Brock Lesnar. and left him out of action for two months. WWE then tried to put Joe in a feud with The Shield, but he ended up injuring his right foot during a match against Rhyno on Monday Night Raw.

According to Cagesideseats.com,” Based on house show advertisements, it looks like Samoa Joe’s return from injury is being targeted for mid-March.” If true, that means Joe will still have a chance to find a opponent for WrestleMania 34. It also means that he wont lose all of his momentum heading into The Show of Shows, which is really important!

With Samoa Joe’s return supposedly not happening until mid March, The WWE Universe will have to be extra vigilante to see how he will fit into the product going forward. Furthermore, they will also have to keep an eye out to see who doesn’t have a opponent yet for WrestleMania 34, which could be a huge indicator of who he will end up facing.

Love him or hate him, having Samoa Joe back before WrestleMania 34 is a great thing for the company and allows them to hopefully go forward with what plans they had for him at WrestleMania 34. it also adds another dangerous heel to the Raw roster and could be a great opponent for a young underdog opponent.

With that being said and the a lot of WrestleMania 34 still unclear, Samoa Joe might have a shot at a marquee match up against John Cena or Finn Balor if WWE can get past him being constantly bogged down with injures. if not, one can probably expect Joe to be put into a mid card feud and have to stay there for awhile until he can prove his worth again.

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