Popular WWE Superstar Teases Huge Heel Turn On Twitter!


WWE is doing something really interesting here.

While the slow building feud between Bayley and Sasha Banks hasn’t been given a lot of air time on Monday Night Raw, the ladies have more then made up for that with their fighting back and forth on social media. Of course doing this also helps to create the illusion that this is real, especially since Banks and Bayley are actually friends in real life, but the storyline just seems to be so organic and real.

In fact, when Bayley and Sasha Banks confronted each other backstage last week on Raw, it was a tense conversation between the two friends and ended with them seemingly arguing. The two put each other down over both superstars losing to Asuka and then refused to tell each other secrets on how to finally defeat The Empress of Tomorrow. The segment finally ended with both of them walking away.

That feud has continued on to twitter now and while a lot of fans believe that Sasha Banks will be the one to turn heel during the feud between her and The Hugger, a tweet from Bayley this week is starting to confuse fans about what is really going on here. With that being said, Bayley posted the following tweet on Twitter, which is really starting to fuel the fans of speculation about her being the one to turn heel.

“It’s only a matter of time,” Bayley tweeted out to her followers, which was in regard to her one day beating Asuka. Sasha Banks then responded by claiming that it was only a matter of time until she would be the one to defeat Auska. Bayley then continued to fight back by rubbing it in Sasha Bank’s face that she had never pinned The Hugger in her career.

While WWE seems to not know which heel turn to pull the trigger on as of yet, it is becoming more and more odvious that is definitely being considered for the heel turn. Of course there is good and bad to a Bayley heel turn, especially since it could have a huge effect on her merchandise sales and how the company uses her in the future, but it could also save her main roster career if WWE can somehow do it right!

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