Popular WWE Superstar Set To Announce Retirement Soon?


Its always sad to see someone leave the squared circle for the last time.

While not all superstars are created equal and some superstars are valued by the company and the fans more then others, wrestling is like one big family and that’s what ultimately makes retirement announcements hard for fans and company alike to digest. Take Daniel Bryan for example, who retired only a year or so ago and despite being a fixture on Smackdown Live from time to time is still missed in the ring.

That brings us to former NXT Superstar and current Monday Night Raw superstar, Summer Rae, who  has been out with nagging injuries for over a year now and despite promises to get back in the ring, it now looks like that won’t be happening. At least that’s what she has alluded to on Instagram after posting a video of her wrestling Sasha Banks and claiming that she regretted never having a main roster feud with her.

Always wished we had a program together, “Summer Rae told her fans on Instagram this weekend,” this one & I! @sashabankswwe ???

Of course the point behind the message is up to interpretation, but its being rumored by fans now that the post is meant to be a hint towards her retirement from WWE. In fact, some sources are even claiming that the announcement of her release could come any day now, which would be sad for fans that were actually looking forward to her eventually flourishing on the main roster.

Whether Summer Rae was actually capable of main roster success or not will probably never be known, but it is worth noting that she was involved in several decent feuds in NXT with Paige, Sasha Banks and several others. She is also a former defensive player in The Lingerie Football league, but its not known whether she will go back to that or not or continue modeling.

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