Popular WWE Superstar Caught Flipping People Off On Smackdown Live


That’s not PG

While its impossible not to admit that WWE  has really aped up the drama as of late on both Smackdown Live and Monday Night Raw, especially since The Shield recently reunited to go five on three against The Miz, Kane, Bruan Strowman, Cesaro and Sheamus, there are still quite a few moments on WWE TV that is just cringe worthy at best. Unfortunately for two popular superstars, they are responsible for that cringeworthy moment.

Of course it didn’t start out that way as The Tag Team Champions The Uso’s were battle rapping backstage with Shenton Benjamin and Chad Gable, but it quickly got awkward after Gable and Benjamin finished off their rap by letting The Uso’s now that they were coming after their tag team titles and. It then got progressively worse from there as Cable seemed to flip off The Usos before turning it into a piece sign.

With that being said, hopefully WWE officials don’t notice the blunder, or otherwise they my not last too long in their championship program with The Usos. While that can always change and WWE could probably turn it into a storyline if they wanted to, especially since WWE has been working hard to blend reality and storyline into something unrecognizable, its not out of the realm of possibilities that this could be used as a respect angle.

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