Popular WWE Legend Set To Return For One More Match At WrestleMania 34


WrestleMania is a time that literally anything can happen!

WWE seems hell bent on continuing this trend at the upcoming WrestleMania 34 pay per view, where it is being rumored that one WWE Legend will be returning to have one more match inside the squared circle. Even better, it is also being rumored that the aforementioned WWE Legend will not only be making a surprise return at the pay per view for one more match, but also winning the whole thing as well!

According to WWE Rumor Roundup,” The big name WWE wants to bring in to make the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal a big deal this year is Goldberg, at least according to UK tabloid The Sun, which also claims the new Hall of Famer will win the match.”

With that being said and the kind of box office power WWE can draw upon if Goldberg goes for one more match at WrestleMania 34, it could be a great way to add something special to The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and also allow some of the younger superstars to mix it up in the ring with one of WWE’s top stars as well. Unfortunately for WWE, this decision will ultimately come at a cost though.

While it will be admittedly awesome to see Goldberg jack hammer and spear his way to a victory one last time, it comes at the expense of other superstars who would be more deserving of a win at The Show of Shows. Not only that, his spot in the match also takes a shot away from another young star hoping to make a name for themselves, or at least get some time on television time by taking their spot in the match.

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