Popular NFL Quarterback Caught Making Controversial Hand Gesture During Game


The fight between Donald Trump and The NFL continues to escalate to heights never seen before and while some teams decided to not protest during the anthem anymore in order to be less divisive, some players couldn’t help taking one more shot at the current political climate and The Trump administration itself. What makes the situation a little different however, is when exactly the player decided to stage the protest.

The Carolina panthers were up on The New England Patriots 23-16 in the fourth quarter when Panthers Quarterback, Cam Newton, went all superman on The Patriots defense and rushed into the endzone for a seven yard touchdown to put the game out of reach for the Patriots. Newton then stood in the endzone for everyone to see him and made the black power fist symbol with his hand.

“It was to signify Black Power, but more importantly, I pray every night for God to give me a pinnacle to give people hope,” Newton said regarding the controversial touchdown celebration. “I did it to raise — to show Black Pride because I am an African American, but more or less, I want all people just to see when I play, I want them to see the joy that I go out there and play with.”

While Newton wasn’t wrong for exercising his right to peacefully protest race inequality and The Trump Administration, he did so during a touchdown celebration, which has been known to carry a penalty for doing so. New York Giants Wide Receiver, Odell Beckman Jr was fined last week for getting down on his hands and knees and pretending to pee like a dog. With that being said, will Newton suffer the same fate?

Furthermore, what will be the backlash on The NFL for penalizing a player for protesting race inequality? Will that add fuel to the fire in this war between Donald Trump in The NFL? Of course Roger Goodell and The NFL could decide not to punish Newton for the offense, but in doing so, they run the risk of looking like hypocrites after Odell Beckam JR was fined for his protest a week earlier.

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