Popular Monster Energy Cup Series Driver Gets Called Out By His Wife On Twitter


We all know who wears the pants in the relationship.

Of course that the phrase many NASCAR fans have used when their least favorite driver got reigned in by their significant other in public, but it still never really fails to be funny when the event actually happens. What makes the situation even funnier is when you consider the fact that the incident happened just hours after the driver got a surprise win and locked himself in the final four in Miami.

The hilarious twitter exchange occurred when truck series driver, Harrison Burton, tweeted about the wreck between the #19 and #27 during The Camping World Truck Series race at Phoenix, which Kevin Harvick responded to by saying, ,”Don’t block when you know your not clear,” Harvick’s wife, DeLana caught an error in Harvick’s tweet and rushed in to correct it.

,”Pssst, its you’re,” Harvick’s wife commented, which Harvick responded back by saying that it wasn’t a spelling bee. . Of course some of the other fans and drivers continued to have fun at Harvicks expense, including one fan tweeting that everyone knew who wore the pants in the relationship. With that being said and the obvious truth that Mrs. Harvick wears the pants in the relationship, it will be interesting to see if she does this again if he wins the championship this year.

Nothing would be better then seeing DeLaana completely emasculating Harvick in victory lane after he just won the second championship of his career. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!



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