Popular Cup Series Driver Planning To Retire At The End Of The Season?


Its called silly season for a reason.

While all of the predictions that fans and analysis alike make when it comes to who will have what ride next year are always fun to contemplate about, they don’t always end up happening and only dash fans dreams in the process of it all. Take Matt Kenseth for example, who was originally rumored to be heading to Hendrick Motorsports and take over for Dale JR next year, but now finds himself without a ride for 2018.

Then there’s Danica Patrick, who despite being on one of the best streaks of her career, still finds herself in danger of losing out on her ride due to an opt out option Stewart Haas Racing has on her contract at the end of the year. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that Kurt Busch and Stewart Haas Racing have already announced they are parting ways at the end of the year, which could be a sign that Patrick is out as well.

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Then again, maybe it could be the exact opposite and Busch’s exit from SHR might just be to  make more room and devote more resources to Danica Patrick. Unfortunately for Patrick, she is apparently still suffering from sponsorship issues for her #10 Ford and that will most likely be the deciding factor of whether Patrick stays with the team next year.

I think that as a team would go, we are struggling for sponsorship,” Patrick said during an interview with USA Today,”. “I don’t know where I fall in the grand scheme, but I have been fully-fully funded since I arrived with 10 races in 2012 and even the day that I lost my primary sponsor, I still didn’t have the least amount of sponsored races of anyone on the team. I still wasn’t in that position, and then we had partners step up.”

With that being said, her future has become even more confounded by a statement she made later in the interview when asked about what she would like to see happen at the end of the year . Although Patrick doesn’t come right out in say it during the interview, it almost seems like she sees the writing on the wall and is patiently waiting for the team to announce her departure.

Furthermore, it seems like she is content with leaving the sport completely by the way she words things.

“I have a lot of great things going on. I have a lot of amazing opportunities out there. Life is too short to be miserable. Like, half of the zen is, you know what, unless I feel like I have a chance to go out there and be very competitive and have a chance to win and run in the top 15 or 10 every week, then I have no interest in going out there and just participating. Never have.”

It might just be speculation, but it seems like she is hinting at her departure from the sport at the end of the year. What are your thoughts Let us know in the comments below!

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