Opinion: Why NASCAR Needs To Stop Listening To Its Older Fanbase

Its no secret that NASCAR has been in a transition period over the last couple of years , but it seems as if the sport is finally turning a corner and regaining its balance. In fact, the sport looks poised for what could be its best season in years.

In all honesty, there are two reasons for this. The first reason is the hard work that NASCAR has been doing to try to bring young fans into the sport, which has resulted in a influx of what could be lifelong fans. The other reason is NASCAR’s unwavering commitment to making things exciting.

Of course some older fans probably don’t like NASCAR’s idea of excitement and a lot of longtime fans have left due to the new playoff system, the introduction of stage points and stage racing, but none of that seems to matter anymore.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t seem like NASCAR is paying too much attention to these older fans anyway and are focusing on pleasing what they hope to be their lifelong fans. If nothing else, that seems to be the better avenue for the sport and should result in positive gains down the road

Think about it! older fans wouldn’t be pleased unless NASCAR goes back to the old points format, the current playoff system is eliminated entirely and stage racing no longer exists Unfortunately for NASCAR and its younger fan base, that just isn’t exciting anymore and won’t hold much interest.

This means that there is ultimately no pleasing these fans anymore, at least not in a way that they can get the rest of the fanbase behind, which means that NASCAR is better off to ignore their opinions. That might sound sad and counter productive, but what other choice does the sport have at this point in time?

Again, NASCAR is bringing new and younger fans into the fold every single week and they are going to outnumber the amount of older fans sooner or later. In fact, with NASCAR fans leaving due to drivers retiring, boring racing and complicated formats, they could outnumber them sooner rather than later.

Of course this doesn’t mean older fans can’t stick around and see what NASCAR ultimately grows into, but they need to understand now that they are no longer the target audience. They also need to understand that like any other sport, NASCAR must grow in ways previously thought impossible.

In the end, it may not be the good old days, but a lot of fans don’t seem to want that anymore. Furthermore, what used to make NASCAR popular back in its golden era would probably be unwatchable television, which is just another reason NASCAR needed to change.

Let’s be honest here. Between new fans piling in every day and more and more fans sticking around to see what’s next, NASCAR doesn’t need to worry about dwindling audience. In fact, NASCAR officials probably finally realized that the sport is a nitch product and won’t have the same audience as other sports.

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