Opinion: NASCAR Is Hypocritical For Not Addressing Cheating Rumors


NASCAR has remained radio silent since rumors started circulating about a possible illegal adjustment to Kevin Harvick’s winning car at Las Vegas and while NASCAR will hopefully address the concern as the days go on, the sport is looking absolutely hypocritical in the meantime and only making things worse for themselves in the process.

The sport is already facing major issues with sagging ratings, the retirement of several of their top stars and some of the worst rule changes in the sports history,  but even all that seems to pale in comparison to the fact that NASCAR is seemingly ignoring something that could be one of the biggest scandals in their sports history. Or at least the 2018 season.

Think about it! When Denny Hamlin made a joke about drivers using Adderal to gain a competitive advantage on the track, NASCAR responded immediately by tweeting their drug policy and the fact that they drug test at random. With the speculation on Harvick using an aerodynamic advantage to win a race however, they can’t even be bothered to make a statement on the matter.

What makes all of it even worse is the fact that Harvick has been the most dominant driver so far in the 2018 season, which raises the question of whether Harvick and his team used a similar trick at Atlanta as well. Not only that, the win was also number 100 of Harvick’s career in NASCAR’s top three series and now might be tainted due to the controversy of it all.

With that being said,  Harvick and his SHR team could be completely innocent here, but for NASCAR not to release a statement on the matter gives the impression that they are looking the other way on the matter. Whether they actually are or not remains to be seen, but for a sport that will go out of their way to comment on any other controversy, their silence here is confusing.

In the end, this isn’t something that NASCAR should just past and try to ignore. Its something that could or could not affect the levelness of the playing field in The Cup Series and might even be part of the reason for Harvick’s early dominance in the season. While all that should make the incident important enough, what NASCAR’s actions shows to the fans should be even more troubling.

Lets be honest here. Between the stage racing, the playoff system that gets revamp after revamp and the mind boggling decision making NASCAR has been known for over the past couple of years, its no wonder why so many fans are leaving the sport in mass numbers. The question is however, what is NASCAR going to do about it?

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