Nia Jax Suffers Brutal Injury During Match With Asuka



Nia Jax versus Asuka was without a doubt a dream match for The WWE Universe and while the two former NXT stars battled back and forth for several minutes in an amazing match, it was asuka who picked up the victory after Jax suffered a leg injury. The incident occurred at the ringside area, where Asuka leveled Jax with a kick that sent her plummeting down on the steel steps.

Despite coming down hard on her knee during the spot, Jax was able to get back into the ring before the ten count, but was not able to continue past that. It is worth noting that the injury could be storyline based, especially since Asuka was seen working on Jax’s leg during the match with an knee bar, but the match was still stopped and Jax was escorted out of the ring by backstage officials.

With that being said, Alexa Bliss came down to the ring to comfort her friend after the match as Asuka continued to celebrate her undefeated streak in The WWE. If the injury is apart of storyline, this is probably the best way for WWE to protect both Jax and Asuka heading into the royal rumble pay per view, but if it isn’t a storyline, Jax’s injury comes at a time when Paige, Samoa Joe, Dean Ambrose and several others are all out with injuries.

In the end, hopefully this is just a storyline and Jax returns in time for the 30 women over the top rope Royal Rumble match later this month. If that doesn’t happen however, WWE will lose their second biggest thrat in the match, after Paige was forced to retire earlier this week after suffering a neck injury during a house show match with Sasha Banks.

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