Natayla Gets Called Out By Lana On Twitter Over Her Promo Skills

Natayla competes on Smackdown Live and was a two time former Woman’s champion

Natayla versus Lana? While a lot of other fans seems to enjoy The Ravishing Russian and her promo skills, especially since she is usually  able to come across as a villain very well, she is far worse on the microphone then Natayla. That’s what makes it so weird to see Lana call out Natayla on her promo skills, especially since Lana has been in storyline limbo for the past few months.


What makes the situation even more insane is the fact that the superstar she was calling out was two time Woman’s champion, Natayla, who has done quite well on the microphone since integrating her families legacy into her promos. With that being said, Lana took to twitter to call out The Queen of Hearts, but at least she talked up her  wrestling skills.

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Below is the tweet that Lana sent out to fans.

Although Natayla is now on a bit of a down swing after losing The Smackdown Live Woman’s title to Charlotte Flair and then walking out on her match against The Riott Squad last week on Smackdown live, but Natayla is someone Lana should be learning from if she ever hopes to become anything close to a woman’s champion, not criticizing her for something she can barley do herself.

Not only that, Lana has been a bit of an afterthought since coming back to the main roster earlier this year. Sure, she started out with a pretty decent storyline and trying to prove her worth as a future champions, but she was quickly handed multiple loses and ended up becoming a lackey for another superstar. Unfortunately for Lana, it doesn’t look like any of this is going to change any time soon.

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