Nashville Might Not Get A NASCAR Date For Controversial Reason.

NASCAR is already having trouble bringing racing back to The Nashville fairgrounds, especially after the Major rejected the idea to allocate funds to the project, but the sport has seemingly now hit an even bigger snag. One that could leave the plan dead in the water.

Unfortunately for NASCAR fans hoping to see racing take place at the facility once again, there is a neighborhood near the track that absolutely hates the idea of the sport coming back. In fact, they claim it creates quite the noise disturbance and makes sleeping impossible on race nights.

“This area deserves the respect and consideration that other neighborhoods are getting across Nashville,” says Heidi Basgall Favorite who has lived near the race track most of her life and spoke to Fox News Nashville about the possible move.

“If there is a race, you are not standing out in your yard, it’s so deafening that you have to go inside, and even with your door and windows closed and TV on, you’re still hearing the sound.You can’t have a conversation on the patio, on a race night you can’t go to bed early, you can’t put your kids to bed early,”

Speedway Media Corporation made a pitch to officials in February that would bring NASCAR back to the fairgrounds, but would require 50 million dollars in bond payments and 2 million in cash. The Mayor of Nashville has spoken publicity about not wanting to use tax payer dollars to fund the project.

Interestingly enough, SMI is still pushing to get the fairgrounds renovated and are even considering an idea that would shift focus from their current plan to a private public partnership. This would allow the track to use its revenue to help fund the ambitious project.

According to The Tennessean,” It was not immediately clear why the group specifically made a pitch for $2 million in cash or how the $54 million in bonds — more than double the $25 million in general obligation bonds the Metro Council approved to support public infrastructure associated with the soccer stadium — would be used.

In the end, the plan to bring NASCAR racing back to The Fairgrounds seems like an absolute disaster right now. Not only is that evident by the way they are already struggling to raise the money in order to renovate the area to NASCAR’s standards, but also by the neighbors that don’t want to see NASCAR racing take place in their back down.

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