NASCAR To Get Rid Of Monster Girls After Formula One Grid Girls Decision?


Will NASCAR ditch The Monster Girls?

NASCAR already had that conversation one year ago after the green and black clad models known as The Monster Girls, paraded around in next to nothing and got fans really riled up. Unfortunately for NASCAR, those aren’t the only people that got all revved  up about it as fans and media outlets were decrying the sport during the promotional models debut at The Daytona 500!

With that being said and the politically correct world we  live in thanks to things like The #Metoomovement and our current president, NASCAR will now be forced to consider giving up the Monster Girls in the name of progress or allowing them to remain a  part of NASCAR like they did with The Rebel Flag. Worse then that, they are going to have to make this decision while trying to convince Monster Energy to remain their title sponsor after 2018.

While some fans are probably worried about NASCAR bowing to the new social norms and get rid of The Monster Girls, there are two good reasons for why it won’t happen. The first of the two is the fact that this is indeed a contract year for NASCAR and Monster Energy, which means NASCAR is going to have to play very nice with the popular Energy drink company in order to get a deal.

Secondly, NASCAR hasn’t really buckled to social pressure in the past and probably wouldn’t start doing so by eliminating The Monster girls. Sure, the argument can be made that NASCAR might need to do this after the news that the only woman in the Cup Series is leaving the sport a, but NASCAR hasn’t exactly cared what the mainstream media thought in the past either.

In fact, NASCAR didn’t bow to pressure about endorsing Donald Trump, eliminating The Rebel Flag or speculation that the sport was racist, so why would they now with The Metoomovement? In the end, keeping The Monster Girls isn’t exactly a bad thing and it doesn’t mean that NASCAR is sexist for doing so. These woman are making a choice to do this job and probably have a lot of fun doing it!

As for family friendly argument, that crap might work for WWE, who has made a lot of money by pandering to young children, but it hasn’t really worked for auto racing and probably needs to stop. Not only that, aren’t The Monster Girls kind of like cheerleaders that we would see in a Football game? Why would that be considered family friendly, but not things like woman cheering on drivers?

It basically serves the same purpose and wouldn’t be any worse then taking your young child to hooters! Yeah, it could eventually lead to having the talk and becoming an adult, but so would any football, basketball, college sports or high school game. You don’t see any other mainstream sport getting rid of their cheerleaders in favor of progress, so why should NASCAR?

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