NASCAR Suspends Spencer Gallagher For Violating Their Substance Abuse Policy


NASCAR has announced that they have indefinitely suspended Spencer Gallagher after The GMS driver violated the sports substance abuse policy. The news comes only days after Gallagher went to victory lane for the first time in his career in The Xfinity Series and could have grave effects on the young stars future in the sport.

Gallagher responded to the news by apologizing to his fans, his team and his sponsors and announced that he was taking steps to enroll in The NASCAR Road To Recovery Program, which is a substance abuse program aimed at helping drivers who are having substance abuse issues. Gallagher will have to complete the program before he is reinstated to NASCAR.

I recently have had a positive result in a NASCAR drug screen which has violated NASCAR’s substance abuse policy,” Gallagher said in a statement to fans I want to assure everyone in the NASCAR community this one time error in judgement will never happen again. I am taking the steps to enroll in the Road to Recovery program supported by NASCAR. I would like to say that I am sorry to all of the GMS organization for my actions, especially my team and team owner, who have worked so hard this year and have put faith in me. I also want to apologize to NASCAR, Chevrolet and my fans for letting them down. I have not upheld the behavior that is expected of me. I promise you all here and [now], I will do whatever it takes to make this right.”

NASCAR officials responded to the news by telling fans that despite Gallagher’s overtime win at Talladega Super Speedway on Saturday, he would not be granted a waiver to become championship eligible for post season.  It is not known what his future with GMS is at this time, but the team claims that a substituent driver will be announced at a later date.

“GMS Racing was notified that driver Spencer Gallagher gave a positive result from a NASCAR drug screen. “Mike Beam The President of GMS said in a statement,” GMS fully supports NASCAR’s policy on substance abuse and we do not condone this type of behavior. First and foremost, our entire organization wants to apologize to NASCAR, our sponsors, teammates and fans due to this policy violation. Spencer has agreed to participate in NASCAR’s Road to Recovery program. A substitute driver will be announced at a later date.” –

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