NASCAR Releases Controversial Statement To Employees About Selling NASCAR


In what is believed to be an attempt at calming down NASCAR employees, President Brent Dewar, sent a letter out claiming that they wouldn’t comment on ,”industry rumors,” The email is in response to an inside source claiming that NASCAR has been working with investment firm, Goldman Sachs in order to find a potential buyer for the sport.

“For over 70 years, the France family has worked hard to invest in the sport of NASCAR, including our recent acquisitions of ARCA,” Dewar wrote, referring to the recent purchase of the Automobile Racing Series of America, a lower-tier stock car series that sometimes races in conjunction with NASCAR events”

The inside sources claims are an interesting one considering all the turmoil that NASCAR is currently going through. Not only is the once iconic sport dealing with sagging ratings, bad attendance, negative press and a title sponsor on their way out, they have also been ostracizing their longtime fans in favor of trying to please new ones.


With that being said, its all become sort of a mess for NASCAR right now and the fact that current owner, Brian France, seems to be showing less and less interest in the sport by the day. That become increasingly evident at last year’s season end award show, where Brian France looked annoyed at the fact that he was even there.

France also quickly handed Championship winner, Martin Truex Jr, his trophy and walked off the stage, which many saw as a slight to Truex Jr and the entire sport.  In the end, some experts claim that NASCAR could just be shopping around to see what their value current value is, but it could also be the beginning stages of The France family selling the sport that everyone once loved and running with the money they receive.


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