NASCAR: One On One With Camping World Truck Series Driver, Jennifer Jo Cobb

With sponsorship woes becoming a big problem in the sport and Furniture Row Racing being forced to shut down at the end of the year, what effect do you think alll that will have on female drivers looking for sponsorship?

Jennifer Joe Cobb: I don’t see a difference between female and male drivers looking for sponsorship – it is difficult to find money for ANY driver or team (even a current Cup champion).  Toyota does a lot to bring young drivers into NASCAR and I know they are hoping to introduce a couple of female drivers soon but in terms of finding sponsorship dollars without that type of support – it is going to remain very difficult for anybody.

Do you believe there is anything NASCAR can do better to integrate women into the sport more effectively?

Jennifer Joe Cobb: I have never felt it was NASCAR’s job to integrate women or minorities into our sport.  They do nothing to deter it or make it impossible and I believe that anyone who wants to be in this sport should put in the time and energy to do so.  Too many people want a hand out or help when this sport is built on passion and a person in this sport should have passion for it and the drive to make it happen without that hand out.

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