NASCAR: One On One With Camping World Truck Series Driver, Jennifer Jo Cobb

What do you think about the idea of an all women league in NASCAR? Do you think it will help get more women behind the wheel?

Jennifer Jo Cobb: I don’t think it’s necessary – the race car doesn’t know whether there is a man or a woman behind the wheel.  It is a sport where gender does not and should not matter.

What’s it like being in a male dominated sport?

Jennifer Jo Cobb: On the track and behind the wheel I don’t feel any different than any of the men I race against.  My dad always told me that the race car doesn’t know whether I am male or female.  But walking through the garage and sticking out and knowing everybody has an opinion is uncomfortable.  Most of the time I don’t care and have a lot of confidence but there are still days when I feel isolated.  I am grateful for the many friends I’ve gained at the top level of NASCAR because when I need encouragement I can lean on them.

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