NASCAR Officials Comment On Controversial Rule Change For The 2019 Season

Is this a move NASCAR should make?
Lesley-Ann Miller / LAT
2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup
Round 27 – Chicago, Illinois, USA
13 September 2013
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NASCAR Cup Series drivers competing in The Xfinity Series and Camping World Truck Series has been a problem with fans for quite a while now, but it may not be for too much longer. The Xfinity Series held their first Dash for Cash race last week at Bristol Motor Speedway, which meant that Cup Series drivers couldn’t enter the race and the series was guaranteed a winner that wasn’t competing on Sunday.

While it has been claimed that NASCAR has benefited from having Cup Series drivers competing in the lower tiered series, especially since it helps with obtaining sponsorship and track attendance, there have been a growing group of fans that hate seeing a Cup Series driver dominate in The Xfinity and Camping World Truck Series .Fortunately for those fans, NASCAR official, Steve O’Donnell wants to put an end to it!

“We didn’t have any Monster Energy Series driver. You obviously hear from the fans from time to time — Mostly, not wanting them to participate in the race,” Steve O’Donnell says on ‘The Morning Drive’ via Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.“This was kinda our first look at that this season. I think the drivers proved they’re certainly capable of putting on a tremendous race. It’s where names are made. We want to continue to get the Ryan Preece’s of the world with as much publicity as we can.”

NASCAR already limited Cup Series drivers to five races in The Xfinity Series and three races in The Camping World Truck Series each year, which has been heavily criticized by both fans and drivers alike. That move comes after NASCAR announced a couple of years ago that they would only allow drivers to earn points towards one championship, which ultimately created one championship winner in each series.

Interestingly enough, during the interview on Sirius XM NASCAR radio, O’Donell seemed to leave the decision up to the fans, but also claimed that limiting Cup drivers further would. be the plan moving forward. Of course he also claimed that the decision will be highly dependent on if the ratings and track attendance is there to prove that this is a good decison for the sport, but they seem pretty open to the idea of changing things up again.

. “What we’ll do, is we’ll continue to monitor, what do the fans think? What do our partners think in terms of what they’re seeing on the race track.”“It’s one thing to say, we like this. But, fans need to turn out. Ratings needs to be there“[It was] only one race. But, we saw some really good indications in terms of the TV rating. That’s something that we’ll continue to monitor. But, I think our gut tells us that that’s the direction we want to continue to go. Even more so, in 2019 and beyond.”

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