NASCAR Makes Ridiculous New Rule To Give Martin Truex Jr An Unfair Advantage At Martinsville


NASCAR already had its share of shenanigans when they decided to park Matt Kenseth and eliminate him from the playoffs after he was caught with an extra man over the wall and while that was had to be one of the most controversial and saddening calls in the sports history, it was somehow outdone by the decision to give Martin Truex a ridiculous advantage next week at Martinsville.

Due to pit strategy giving what some people find to be an unfair advantage at tracks like Martinsville Speedway, NASCAR is apparently using last week’s qualifying results from Kansas to determine who gets the first pit stall at Martinsville’s half mile paper clip.

Unfortunately for fans eager to see someone other then Martin Truex Jr have a chance to win Sunday’s race at Martinsville, the pit selection will give Martin Truex the ability to get in and out faster on pit road and make it impossible for him to get hit with a speeding penalty due to the distance between pit stall and exit.

NASCAR Opted for this after scheduling qualifying and the race on the same day and deciding that it would just be made this way. With that being said, this rule change came after months and months of debate over what to do because of the unfair advantage it creates for the inside line over the outside line.

While leaving things as they are would be a troubling prospect for an already ridiculously one sided playoff race, its honestly a lot better then the idea of giving someone who already has a massive advantage in the playoffs  and giving the key to the final.

Why not just give the final eight competitors the inside row on¬† every restart? That way the playoff drivers have an even playing field and the only people disadvantaged are the drivers not competing for the championship. Of course that’s not perfect, but its got to be better then giving one driver a huge advantage.

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