NASCAR: Five Things That Will Happen During The Offseason

#5 NASCAR shortens segments

Its no secret that the current iteration of stage racing isn’t working out very well and will need to be tweaked a bit before the next season. With that in mind and NASCAR’s desire to make things as intense as possible, look for officials to either add segments more segments to each race in order to bunch up the field or just shorten specific races.

Not only will this allow for more exciting restarts that can keep fans entertained, it will also allow the sport another opportunity to bunch up the field when things aren’t competitive. Furthermore, this would raise the intensity level of each race and make the postseason even more electric then it was before.

In the end, NASCAR needs a change like this to bring the fans back and its one of the few rule changes that fans would agree with. Beyond that, it makes segments a whole different beast for NASCAR drivers and their teams to tackle, which is sure to be fun to watch unfold as the season progresses.

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