NASCAR: Five Things That Will Happen Before The 2018 Season Ends

#4 Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott will tangle again.

Its part two of the bump heard around the world, but how did we get there?

Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick have been absolutely dominant this year, leaving other drivers with little chance of winning a race. In fact, out of 14 races so far this season, Busch and Harvick combine for 11 wins this season. Not only is that a freaky stat to have, it will also make races that these don’t dominate more valuable for drivers like Elliott and Hamlin. With that being said and Hamlin and Elliott’s history in mind, a collision in inevitable.

It might even happen in the playoffs like it did last year at Martinsville and Phoenix. Maybe it could even end in  Chase Elliott returning the favor and going on to make it to final four. In the end, its going to be one of the fights on the same level as Harvick versus Keselowski  Gordon versus Gordon and Jeff Gordon versus Bowyer, which means that it will be a crucial turning point in NASCAR history and a chance for NASCAR to regain the fame that it once enjoyed.

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